Recently when looking for some leisurely reading material, I chose the 2018 edition of the Farmer’s Almanac. This is the 200th year of providing what the editor describes as “containing early American at its best, delightfully threaded through with a measure of good humor, amusing anecdotes, wise-old weather predictions, helpful hints and good reading for every member of the family done on a high moral plane”!


The contents include such interesting articles as “Healthier and Happier by the Season”, “Winter Outlook”, “The Cold, The Dry, The Wet, The Wild”, and “No Full Moon in February?”    Also the editor’s letter notes that the intent of the Almanac is to recognize the need for individuals to have close family and community kinship.


Perhaps the word “kinship” merits some reflection.

1) Who are my “kin”?


2)What is my kinship with all of creation?


3) In what ways do I nurture kinships in my family, my neighborhood, my church?


4) What is my most frequent awareness and attention to kinship with God?


5) In the midst of so much disaster, tragedy, chaos, destruction, violence in our world, how do I strengthen my focus on kinship?


It was my privilege to grow up as a farmer’s daughter about seven decades ago when all that the Almanac contains was typical of our family lifestyle. Today, reading the 2018 version encourages me to re-claim the insights, the wisdom, the reverence for our beautiful planet Earth, and to promote a depth of kinship with all.  It is a strong invitation to be grounded and rooted in all the ways to preserve, protect, and pray for our world and all the brothers and sisters!


Many, many persons made great efforts to view the total eclipse, and when talking with some friends we wondered if in fact those cosmic events affect our human behavior.  Well, page 212 of the Almanac, has an article entitled, “Is it just a phase, or does the moon have that much power over our behavior?” Interesting fascinating information and conjecture is in that article!


You are invited to check out this 200 year old small magazine and be amazed at how “current” the information is in today’s world!