AFTERNOON FOR LOVERS: The Language of Love | February 16, 2020


We all need love. Friends and family need love. Our spouses need love. Do you know the best way to express love to your spouse? The answer is different for everyone. Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, helps spouses strengthen the bonds of love and commitment by identifying and finding ways to speak the “love language” that works best for each partner. Dr. Chapman identifies five love languages: Spending quality time together, speaking words of encouragement, serving each other, giving each other gifts, and physical touch. Come, learn to speak your spouse’s love language at this Afternoon for Lovers! You’ll learn more about your spouse and develop a plan of action for deepening your love.


Grant and Sherry Van Lishout moved to northern Wisconsin last August after living in southwest Iowa for the past nine years. They have been married for 14 years and have two beautiful daughters. Lilly is eight years old and Hope is five years old. Grant and Sherry are both ordained Lutheran pastors (ELCA). Sherry serves as director of children’s faith formation at Ascension Lutheran in Minocqua. Grant is outreach coordinator and spiritual director at Marywood Franciscan Spirituality Center. We enjoy going for walks, swimming, and visiting nearby friends and relatives.


Registration begins at noon. The program begins at 1:00 PM and will conclude after the 5:30 PM evening meal. Light snacks, coffee, and tea will be available in the afternoon.


Cost: $65.00 per couple


To register, call 715-443-2236, e-mail, or click here.


MEN’S SILENT RETREAT | February 21 - 23, 2020

St. Alphonsus Ligouri has been called the Church’s “Most Zealous Doctor” as well as “The Teacher of Prayer.” Born into nobility on September 27, 1696, he was destined for a great future, as planned by his father. Indeed, as a young man, he was a successful lawyer. But when he lost a case due to bribery, his youthful idealism was crushed and he began to question his path in life. Shortly thereafter, he heard a voice saying “leave the world and give yourself to me.” Fortunately for us, he listened and committed himself to following Jesus. Upon being ordained a priest, he spent most of his time ministering to the poor, especially the homeless and marginalized. In 1732, he founded the Redepmtorists. Redemption will be a key theme of this retreat, as we will practice a Ligourian style of prayer and meditation contered on the redeeming love of Jesus Christ, as seen not only in his passion and death but also in the 13th chapter of St. Paul’s 1st Letter to the Corinthians.

Presenter: Fr. Robert Streveler, Senior Priest in Residence at St. Anthony’s, grew up in Halder, WI, where he attended St. Patrick’s Parish. He fondly remembers praying St. Alphonsus Ligouri’s “The Way of the Cross” several times a week during the Lenten season. Fr. Streveler remains impressed by Ligouri’s prudent moral theology, his practical response to the everyday questions and concerns of the faithful, and his abundant written works on spirituality and theology.

Cost: $190 | Registration begins at 5 pm on Friday, followed by supper at 6:30. The retreat concludes after Mass and the noon meal on Sunday. 


To register, call 715-443-2236, e-mail, or click here.

TRUE COMPASSION: Compassion Without Fatigue | February 21 - 23, 2020


Deep engagement with the suffering of others may result in the development of a set of symptoms known as “compassion fatigue:” irritability, decreased empathy, feeling overwhelmed by the suffering of others, self-judgment, and physical symptoms such as headache, fatigue, and poor sleep. Recent neurological research that distinguishes between the cognitive basis for empathy and the cognitive basis for compassion suggests that we may be able to manage our response to suffering in more positive and productive ways. By responding with true compassion, rather than empathy alone, we may be able not only to help the suffering person but also to find fulfillment, instead of fatigue.

This workshop/retreat will help participants learn to respond with true compassion through brief teachings, exercises, meditation, and discussion. We will clarify the distinction between empathy and compassion; identify the signs of “compassion fatigue” and the reasons why this term is a misnomer; discover the importance of self-compassion; and learn to cultivate compassion actively.  This session is designed for professional caregivers at all levels, but family and friend caregivers are also welcome.

Susan Mickel, M.D., Ph.D, presenter, has been interested in the mind for as long as she can remember. She completed medical school at Emory University and worked as a behavioral neurologist for 22 years at a large, nonprofit multispecialty clinic in central Wisconsin. In 2004 she returned to school for a PhD in clinical psychology and became a licensed psychologist in 2013. Her graduate-level studies and her work in medicine and psychology combine with her undergraduate studies in comparative religion as well as her practice and continuing studies of meditation to provide her with a solid foundation for understanding – and responding appropriately to – both the neurological and the spiritual aspects of compassion fatigue.


Cost: $190 | Registration begins at 5 pm on Friday, followed by supper at 6:30. The retreat concludes after the noon meal on Sunday.

To register, call 715-443-2236, e-mail, or click here.


SILENT MONASTIC LIVING RETREAT | February 26 – March 1, 2020



The simplicity and structure of monastic life allow you to quiet your mind, your heart, and your soul. Within this quiet space, you can leave behind the pressures of your material life, opening yourself, instead, to the tender embrace of the Divine. Come to embrace and be embraced by the beauty, joy, and love of the Divine on this four-day silent monastic retreat experience. The daily schedule includes community prayer, rest, work, recreation, and time to study / reflect on a portion of the Franciscan Institute’s Build With Living Stones: Formation for Franciscan Life and Work, edited by Trevor Thompson.

This retreat will be facilitated by Center Director, Dr. Lori Randall, with assistance from center staff members, who will oversee work projects, and Senior Priest in residence, Fr. Robert Streveler, who will celebrate daily Mass and lead portions of the Liturgy of the Hours. Dr. Lori discovered the spiritual benefits of the monastic schedule while washing windows in the courtyard during Volunteer Week at St. Anthony’s. The gentle rhythm of prayer, work, and rest in the context of a joyous community offered not just a welcome respite from her former career as a professor but also a profound level of peace, deep spiritual insight, and a sense of rightness with the world.

The cost of the retreat includes all meals, overnight lodging, and study materials.

Complete daily schedule and list of study modules are available upon request; contact Dr. Lori at or 715-443-2236, ext. 114

Cost: $350 | Capacity: 20

To register, call 715-443-2236, e-mail, or click here.


LENTEN SERIES: “Becoming the Eucharist We Celebrate” |Tuesdays during Lent

If you have ever wanted a more profound understanding of the Eucharist, this series is for you. Using a series of lectures recorded by Fr. Dan Crosby, OFM Cap, we will examine the reason we call it a
celebration of the Eucharist. With the help of these lectures you can uncover a fuller meaning and challenge in the gift of the Eucharist.

Discover how to become rooted in that fuller meaning by exploring Scripture, the example of the Church Fathers, and the Eucharistic liturgy itself. Understand how to incorporate that fullness into your
own life through the action that takes place during the words of institution themselves and through the example of people like Francis of Assisi and Archbishop Romero.

Each talk will be followed by an opportunity for discussion and sharing among the participants. The group will be facilitated by Marge Lindell, a member of St. Anthony’s resident community. Sessions will be offered twice each Tuesday of Lent, from 1:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon, and again from 6 to 8 in the evening. You may attend whichever session best fits your schedule. Even if you cannot attend each week, you are welcome to participate as often as you are able. There is no fee to attend, but please call to let us know which session you will attend. Free will offerings will be gratefully accepted.

Please plan to join us as we discuss all you want to know about the revered tradition of the celebration of the Eucharist and its hope for the world.

Tuesdays during Lent | From 1:30 – 3:30 pm OR from 6pm -8 pm

To register, call 715-443-2236, e-mail, or click here.


LENTEN DAY OF PRAYER: Everyday Transfigurations| March 8, 2020

In this Sunday’s Gospel, we read the story of Christ’s Transfiguration. The disciples who witnessed this event would surely not have described it as “ordinary” or “everyday”! But what if transfiguration could be an “everyday” event? What if our daily words and actions, in all of their ordinariness, could transfigure not just our own lives, but the lives of all we meet? The season of Lent – a season when we are called to change our hearts – is an ideal time to discover the ordinary transfigurations that we can kindle in our everyday lives. Join us for this day of prayer, preaching, and dialog to reflec ton the ordinary transfigurations you can awaken in your everyday life throughout the season of Lent and beyond!

Presenters: Fr. Bob Streveler and Dr. Lori Randall, members of St. Anthony’s resident community. Fr. Bob, a retired priest of the Diocese of La Crosse, is our Senior Priest in Residence; Dr. Lori, a “retired” academic, is our Center Director.

Cost: $65 | Registration begins at 9 am. Continental breakfast will be available from 9 until the start of the program at 10. The program includes Mass and the noon meal. 

To register, call 715-443-2236, e-mail, or click here.




We humans, formed from the dust, experience the changing of the seasons just as the Earth does. When we ground ourselves in the comforting predictability of Earth’s changing seasons, we can rest assured that Spring and New Life will always come. Likewise, when we ground ourselves in the comforting predictability of the changing seasons of the Church, we can lead lives full of hope and promise.

As we celebrate the Earth season of early spring and the Church season of Lent, looking forward to Triduum time – the time of Holy Thursday, Good Friday AND EASTER – let us come together on retreat to reflect on the ritual significance of the seasons of both Earth and Church. During our time together, we’ll explore through song, guided reflection, and sharing how the changing seasons of Earth and of Church support each of us on our life’s journey. We’ll also prepare to step into Spring and the New Life of Easter, confident in the knowledge that we are never alone in our experience of the new and the different: we journey always with the wisdom of those who have come before, the curiosity of those who are just beginning the journey, and the love of God who is now and forever.


Presenter: Sr. Roselyn Heil, FSPA,  is well-versed in the art of revealing unexpected beauty, joy, and insight in the world around us, drawing upon her Franciscan charism, her work as a chaplain, and her experience as a park ranger and naturalist to see the world from a different perspective and to share her vision with others. Don’t miss out on this celebration of joyous, beautiful life!

Cost: $95 | This retreat begins on Friday with Supper at 6:00 and ends on Saturday at 4:00 pm with the option to stay and attend Mass in anticipation of Sunday. 

To register, call 715-443-2236, e-mail, or click here.

SILENT THEME RETREAT: The gift You Are To God, to Self, to Others April 4-5, 2020 (Palm Sunday)


 SILENT THEME RETREAT: The gift You Are To God, to Self, to Others
April 4-5 (Palm Sunday), 2020

Presented by Lee Ann Niebuhr, Rita Simon, and Elizabeth Schussler

We live in a world of material abundance, a world in which most of us find it easy to present loved ones with beautiful and thoughtful gifts. But do we find it as easy to share – or even to recognize – the gift of our very selves?

The gift you are is the most precious gift of all, but it is sometimes the most difficult gift to find. Begin or continue your search for this gift by joining us on this weekend retreat. Retreat sessions will help you explore the gift you are from both Biblical and Mindfulness perspectives. Meanwhile, the time, space, and silence of this retreat will help you apply what you have learned in the sessions, contemplating and (reconnecting with the gift you are – to yourself, to others, and to the God who made you!

April 4-5, 2020  – (Palm Sunday) – This retreat is open only to women. Due to a one-time scheduling conflict, this retreat will begin on Saturday morning at 10:00 and conclude on Sunday afternoon, with the option to stay Sunday night. The cost is $100 for those who depart on Sunday afternoon; $190 for those who stay on Sunday night.

To register, call 715-443-2236, e-mail, or click here.





| April 17 – 19, 2020

For many years we took for granted that the “Beloved Disciple” who appears in the latter chapters of John’s Gospel is John, the Gospel writer himself. Most recent Scripture scholars have begun to question this assumption. They tell us that the “beloved Disciple” was, indeed, a real disciple who lived out his discipleship within the early Johannine community, but who is deliberately un-named, so that all disciples encountering these passages could find themselves within the words. This retreat will prayerfully linger over all these passages of John’s Gospel, in order to discover the richness they contain for a deeper following of Jesus in our own lives – in other words, to become Jesus’ “Beloved Disciple.”

Fr. Dan Crosby, OFM, Cap is a friar of the Capuchin Province of St. Joseph. Fr. Dan was the Director of St. Anthony Spirituality Center for several years before the transition from Capuchin leadership to lay leadership at St. Anthony’s. He currently ministers at St. Bonaventure Monastery in Detroit, MI, but enjoys returning to Marathon to visit and to offer retreats at St. Anthony’s.



Cost: $190 | Registration begins at 5 pm on Friday, followed by supper at 6:30.The retreat concludes after Mass and the noon meal on Sunday.

To register, call 715-443-2236, e-mail, or click here.

LIVING THE BEATITUDES | May 1 - 3 , 2020

As Jesus went around the whole of Galilee, proclaiming the Good News of God’s presence and mercy and laying hands of healing, Jesus saw/sees us hurting. He asks what is needed for our healing and wholeness –the wholeness of the Body of Christ.  He goes up the hill, sits down and speaks to us the way WE are to bring The Good News and healing to one another.  He teaches us the Beatitudes. Mt: 4:18-5. Come explore how our “be-attitudes” give us the empowerment of our Baptism, to receive healing within ourselves in order to bring hope and healing in our world.

Sr. Roselyn Heil, FSPA,  is well-versed in the art of revealing unexpected beauty, joy, and insight in the world around us, drawing upon her Franciscan charism, her work as a chaplain, and her experience as a park ranger and naturalist to see the world from a different perspective and to share her vision with others. Don’t miss out on this celebration of joyous, beautiful life!

Terri is a retired social worker whose focus was the elderly and disabled adults. She is a trained spiritual director with an active practice. Terri lives in Wisconsin Rapids.

Cost $200 | Registration begins at 5 pm on Friday, followed by supper at 6:30.  The retreat concludes after Mass and the noon meal on Sunday.

To register, call 715-443-2236, e-mail, or click here.




PERSONALITY STYLES: Personality as Expression of Spirit | May 29 - 31, 2020

Why is it easy to communicate with some family members and even strangers, but not others? What personality traits and emotional characteristics make for good leadership? In what way is personality an expression of Spirit? How can I more often express my best Spiritual intentions / self during times of challenge? 


These questions lie at the heart of the Personality Styles workshop. Participants in this workshop will seek answers to these questions and more by investigating personality styles and types in the context of spiritual archetypes – psychological patterns of inner friends and foes that live within us and express themselves, for better or for worse, in our interactions with others. This workshop will help participants recognize, understand, and respond appropriately to their own and others’ personality traits or emotional characteristics. Through discussion; writing; guided meditations; and more, we will explore several facets of personality-as-spirit, including the following topics: our own patterns or archetypes; strategies for skillfully coping effectively with challenging people in work and home environments; and how to bridge the gap between your Spiritual intentions and the fulfillment of those intentions.


Elizabeth Lewis is a motivational speaker, personal development coach, grief support specialist, and spiritual counselor whose areas of expertise include resilience building, forgiveness facilitation, healing art and writing, and trauma healing. Recognizing that there is no “one-size-fits-all” path to wellness and a sense of wholeness, Elizabeth has pursued extensive training and certification in diverse approaches to resilience, healing, and growth. Elizabeth also draws on her personal resilience and experience in overcoming trauma to help her clients find their own best path to wellness. For more information on Elizabeth and her work, visit

Cost: $200|Registration begins at 5 pm on Friday, followed by supper at 6:30. There will be an optional 11:30 am Mass on Sunday, and the retreat will conclude after the noon meal on Sunday.

To register, call 715-443-2236, e-mail, or click here.

SERENITY RETREAT A Journey to the Center: Steps 1,2, and 3 | June 5 - 7, 2020

The theme of this retreat will be presented through the idea of home being a place within. A time of retreat is a home-coming. Coming home to oneself is a special gift; it’s that place or space where you experience that feeling of belonging. In this time of retreat, we will reflect on our relationship with a power greater than ourselves – the God of your understanding – and the feeling of belonging evoked by that relationship. The retreat will be presented within the principles of 12-step spirituality, using handouts as well as visual and audio tools. There will be talks based on the presenter’s lived experience and times for group and individual reflection and prayer. Going forward from this retreat, my hope for you is to feel rested and refreshed in your home within.

Presenter Candace Bahr is a recovering alcoholic / addict. The 12-step spiritual program is her blueprint for living! She is committed to sharing her experience, strength, and hope, so that it will help others to know that healing and transformation are possible. She is retired from a 25-year career in Mental Health, AODA, and Trauma-Based Treatment Services. She was trained and licensed with the state of Wisconsin. Candace is the founder of Inner Wind, LLC, which is a multicultural community-based wellness program that teahces mind/body self-care practices to individuals and groups through workshops, days of reflection, and retreats. Her education in mind/body work was with Fox Valley School of Massage, Capasitar International, and UW Madison. Candace has a certification in Spiritual Direction from the FSPA program in La Crosse, WI. She intends to be of service to others as a spiritual companion on an individual / group basis and within the retreat setting.

Cost: $200. Scholarships are available |Registration begins at 5 pm on Friday, followed by supper at 6:30. The retreat concludes after Mass and the noon meal on Sunday.


To register, call 715-443-2236, e-mail, or click here.


As we follow the grooves of our present lives, we often don’t tune in to our bodies and our minds. We may find ourselves wondering what happened – how did I lose the music of who I was? We may find ourselvs out of touch with our changing bodies as we move out of youth and ultimately into later life. In a culture that values appeareances and keeps us rushing, we may wonder how to be at home in our ordinary bodies.


This retreat will help participants accept the “what Is” of the aging process with kindness and compassion. Compassionate presence is about experiencing our lives as they are right now, letting go of our tendencies to try to fix who we are or to align ourselves with some ideal of who we should be. The silence of this weekend will help with this process, allowing us to settle into our present experience. We can attend to our whole selves in a way that isn’t often available in our busy lives.


Presenters: Susan Mickel, MD Ph.D., and Pamela Eyden, certified Iyengar Yoga instructor. Susan, drawing upon her education and experience in medicine, psychology, and meditation, will guide participants through the four bases of mindful meditation, helping participants settle the mind and cultivate kindness towards self and others. Pamela will guide participants through energetic and restorative stretching, strengthening, and relaxing to develop positive body awareness and to cultivate compassionate presence, joy, and a sense of play.


Cost: $200 |Registration begins at 5 pm on Friday, followed by supper at 6:00. The retreat concludes after the noon meal on Sunday.


To register, call 715-443-2236, e-mail, or click here.


VOLUNTEER WEEK | July 16 – 19, 2020

Come, discover the simplicity and alive-ness of prayer, work, rest, and meals grounded in joyful community! 

Arrival and departure dates and times are flexible, depending upon your availability. We’ll start greeting volunteers on the afternoon of Thursday, July 16th and will leave out the welcome mat until all volunteers have arrived. Group orientation will take place on the morning of Friday, July 17th after breakfast. 

The closing liturgy will take place on Sunday, July 19th at 11:30, followed by a farewell luncheon.

Overnight guests and commuters alike are welcome. Volunteer projects include deep cleaning, window washing, yardwork, office work, painting, and more.

Social activities, group exercise opportunities, and community prayer options will be available. All meals and overnight accommodations are provided; moreover, the hours that you work can be applied towards payment of registration fees for any upcoming retreats you may wish to attend at St. Anthony’s. Please plan to join us for as much of the week as you can – and bring a friend!


To register, call 715-443-2236, e-mail, or click here.

FRANCISCAN LIVING: The Spirituality of Beauty | September 25 - 27, 2020

Spirituality – identity in action – springs from the mystery of our being. To live well is to live out of an identity that “works.” From a Franciscan perspective, such an identity is grounded in beauty, for beauty lies at the heart of Franciscan spirituality. Such an identity is constantly growing in beautiful simplicity, moving like a stream that daily rids itself of toxins. This cleaning is a vital component of maintaining our identity – our spirituality – in a world filled with toxins such as hatred, prejudice, greed, and fear. Let us take time and space at this retreat to wonder and to discover together the beauty within ourselves, so we can shape a beautiful world. 


The retreat will be presented by Br. Jerome Schroeder, a Capuchin Franciscan for over 50 years. His years of ministry centered on the marginalized in the larger urban landscapes of the Midwest, the greater part of which was parish pastor and retreat ministry to the poor. He is a poet and ongoing student of the Franciscan approach to bringing life to the Gospel and the Gospel to life.

Cost: $200 | Registration begins at 5 pm on Friday, followed by supper at 6:30. The retreat concludes after Mass and the noon meal on Sunday. 

To register, call 715-443-2236, e-mail, or click here.



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