The recent issue of “O” Magazine contained a section on the question “What If You Saw Things Differently?” It has the stories of six persons who experienced an event that made them see the situations very differently.
Making judgments, often on very little information, seems to be a hobby, a national pastime, an assumed right, a common mode of operating. There are times each day when I realize that as I see things, a judgement seems to follow quickly, judgments often based on very little information and then sometimes even share those judgments, unfair to the situation, and misses the bigger picture.
The stories of the six persons in the article was followed by a short paragraph responding to the headline “Hello From The Other Side.”
Perhaps one of our greatest insightful “Hellos From The Other Side” is in the person of Jesus! Jesus became human to offer us many messages of love, acceptance, compassion, dignity of each person and on and on in ways that are truly from the other side of how we view them.¬† ¬†Many of the relationships Jesus encouraged were out of a different way of perceiving things, situations and people. As we have opportunity to pray with the Gospels and to hear them proclaimed, let’s listen with the question, how is Jesus inviting us to see things differently.
  • What are some situations/events in my life that I am invited to see differently?
  • Who are the persons in my life that I am invited to understand differently?
  • What life experiences may be taken for granted, and could actually improve if seen differently?