Seek silence and surrender; your busy-ness make still,

To listen in the silence is how we know God’s will.

We cannot hear Him speaking as noises around us shrill;

Stopping to hear the voice of God helps us climb the hill.

That hill of life that is sometimes steep, crooked, or tough;

Finding, in the-midst of listening, our climb is not as rough.

And God will touch our soul with peace, helping us be strong;

Then the hill we climb is not as steep when we’re following along.

We seek our Savior to bring us to that special desert place,

As we sit in the silence contemplating His everlasting Grace.

A blessing of Grace to help the poor and powerless all around,

We need first to stop – surrender – silence will then abound.

“Come to Me all who are heavily-burdened, and l will give you rest.”  – Mt. 11:28


 – Ellen Jennings, OFS