On Monday, staff and residents were invited to share their tasty talents by participating in a Christmas treat exchange. Seven of us elected to participate, and even after we selected our share of the treats, there were still leftovers to share with the rest of the staff, residents and Book Club. It worked kind of the way I imagine things happened in the loaves and fishes parable but we didn’t have 12 baskets left over. But then we didn’t have 5,000 to feed, either.

Meanwhile in the chapel, we are following Mary and Joseph as they make their way from Nazareth to Bethlehem. The journey takes time, and the way is not smooth, much like their journey more than 2,000 years ago. Although Bethlehem’s stable is in sight, it is well off in the distance and it may take another ten days for Mary and Joseph to get there. Rest assured they will make it in time for Christmas, though.

Our own journeys Wednesday proved difficult as well. The thick fog that greeted us in the morning stayed with us all day, despite forecasts that offered hope it would lift in the late morning, then before dark. The fog prevented JustBob’s journey returning to work from home on Wednesday, and made Adele turn back on her journey home Wednesday evening after work. Jackie K. and Sr. Barb’s journeys home were safe albeit slower and more cautious than usual.

By now you may be wondering what the connection is between our Christmas treat sharing and the journey stories. The connection is this: none of us journeys alone. Whether it is Mary and Joseph supporting and caring for each other on their journey, or the five thousand who journeyed together to hear Jesus teach and then shared bread and fish, or staff checking on one another on each of our journeys in challenging weather, or staff and residents supporting each other as we journey through this pandemic together, we all need others along the way because they help us continue on the journey by sharing their concern, their resources, their talents or their shelter.

For the blessings of our journeys, and the care, concern and gifts others share with us along our way, we say Deo Gratias!