Each year we offer a “theme retreat,” a silent weekend retreat centered around a theme that anchors our programming for the year. It will be offered 3-5 times over the year.

Private and Directed Retreats are popular offerings at St. Anthony’s. These are individualized retreats where the retreatant journeys through days of solitude and reflection either alone or with a spiritual companion and guide.

We also offer specialized day, evening, or weekend retreats and workshops designed for specific populations or for those with an interest in a particular area of prayer or spirituality. Specialized programs include the Advent, New Years, and Women’s Intergenerational retreats.

Retreats are also scheduled on Franciscan Living, Christian Celtic Spirituality, 12-Step Spirituality, Retreats for Recovering Alcoholics, Healing, and Contemplative Prayer.

Descriptions of our upcoming programs can be viewed by clicking on Calendar link at the top of the page. You may also phone or email us for further information on any of our programs.