My journey to St. Anthony’s began as a production scheduler in manufacturing. Finding myself a displaced worker when my job was outsourced to Mexico, I had the opportunity to go back to school. I attended NTC in Wausau, where I subsequently obtained my Associate’s Degree in Healthcare Business. Since then, my main focus has been in the healthcare field, working specifically as a certified professional medical coder, biller and auditor. 

While on a private retreat in June 2019, I found myself completely taken with St. Anthony’s. The healing serenity and renewing spirit within this sanctuary truly struck me, and as many visitors before me, I knew in my heart that I had come “home”. 

Over a month later, in the middle of a busy work day, I found myself thinking what a joy it must be to work in an environment such as that which I experienced while on my retreat. With that seemingly random thought in mind, I checked the St. Anthony website and lo and behold, the position of Development Director was listed there. I contacted Lori that same day. She encouraged me to apply, which I did, and to my delight, not only was I accepted for the position, I was also officially welcomed “home” to stay! 

I am truly honored to say that I am now part of St. Anthony’s, where a sense of community is a way of life and simply being you is encouraged and celebrated. As I embark on this exciting new journey, I pray for many opportunities to “pay forward” the blessings I have already received in this wonderful place. I hope that my story will encourage people who have not been here to come and take a peek. Better still, stay awhile! You will not be sorry!