“The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.” – John 1:5

God speaks to us in many ways, often through God’s own creation.

I tell my cat, Bunny, that she is the sun creature.  Every time she awakens from one of her numerous naps she moves to a new sunny spot, following the sun as its rays shine brightly through one window and then another.  I actually don’t need a clock to know what time it is, I just need to watch where Bunny finds her next warm, cozy spot to peacefully doze off.  She is like a clock as she follows the sun’s rotation. 

Watching her, I learn a valuable lesson.  Follow the sun, follow the light.

Where is God’s warmth and light shining in my life?

Where are the windows and cracks in my life through which the light shines?

Sometimes these are picture window or even patio doors.  Other times they are tiny cracks hardly noticeable, yet they are still there.

The darker it becomes, the brighter light appears.  (Even if they are slivers.)

These days, it is so easy to be aware only of the darkness; Covid-19, injustice, violence, growing poverty, natural disasters, cruelty, and lack of mercy.

When I begin to focus only on the darkness, Bunny teaches me to find the light, the bright spots no matter how small.  Sometimes I have to seek them out, as does Bunny.  Once I start finding the warm, bright spots, they seem to expand and multiply.  They become easier to see.

Like Bunny, once the rays of light in my life and in the world are found, it is easy to curl up and bask in the warmth.

Yes, God speaks God’s loving presence to each of us in many different ways, even through a little cat. 

How is God speaking to you?

 Where are the windows and cracks that let the Light into your life?

 – Terri Sersch