Handwashing my mother’s best crystal goblets recently, a wedding gift from about 1954, I was truly struck by how fragile and beautifully crafted they are. Thin as a glaze of freezing rain on a windshield, they look as if someone sang a high note or spoke harshly, they would shatter! Afraid we will break them, they are rarely used. We have lost a few. But when we do bring them out to the light, we marvel at them.

It’s curious that we have not used them more.  Many Christmases, New Year’s and special family events have come and gone without the goblets ever making it to the celebration table. The very thing that makes them so beautiful, fragility, keeps them safely stored away, and that seems to deny the reason for them to exist!

My hope for 2022 is that perhaps after all that has happened in recent years, is that we keep in mind just how fragile all that we encounter in this world really is. In particular, life-giving relationships with family and others are often broken by words spoken in careless, harsh tones. Like the crystal, relationships handled roughly, will break. 

2022 may just be the year when we lean to embrace this fragility. First to acknowledge our own, then respecting the fragility in others. Perhaps then, unafraid, we can open the door to that cabinet where the goblets are stored, set the celebration table and marvel at, then live out, the Master’s words, “love each other as I have loved you.”   

I wish you a very Happy New Year!  Christ all around you! 

 – Bruce LaCrosse