I find these days between Christmas and New Years to be somewhat of a liminal space for me.  The weeks of baking, decorating, buying and wrapping gifts have culminated in our celebration of the birth of the Word Made Flesh, the coming of Christ among us.  While the joy of Christmas still remains, the time returns somewhat to normal before the marking of the New Year, now only days away.

I am trying to stay present and live intentionally in the moment but my thoughts can’t help but wander.  I begin to review the year that is fast coming to a close.  Family get-togethers, milestone birthdays, a trip to Rome, special get-aways with friends, along with illness, losses and difficult changes, all interspersed among the ordinary, mundane routine of my life.  God has been with me in each and every day, whatever it brought and for that I am grateful.

My thoughts then wander to what the New Year will bring.  How do I want to live in the coming days?  What will I need – more courage, more faith, more resilience, more joy?  What will I be asked to let go of – certain fears, resentments, illusions?  What hopes and dreams and promises will be fulfilled?  What challenges and losses await me?

Of course, the answers lie in the heart of God.  All I know is that I must be faithful and place my trust in God in each day’s unfolding.  However, when I find myself in one of these liminal, in between spaces, I often reflect upon the following words I read many years ago.  They were written by Dag Hammarskjold, a Swedish diplomat and former Secretary General of the United Nations.  He said:

“For all that has been, Thank you.  For all that is to come, Yes!”

This is my simple prayer on the threshold of 2017-2018.  I offer it to you.  May God fill you with gratitude and the grace to say “yes.”