We have arrived at the Pentecost of this season of staying safer at home. While the Spirit may not have arrived in bold ways today, Spirit is clearly all around us, blessing us in manifold ways.

There is the blessing of the Christmas Cactus blooming gloriously in the north hallway – proof that Fr. Bob’s green thumb has turned pink.

There is the blessed joy of discovering that my ham radio antenna did not blow down in the weekend’s mighty winds.

There is the blessing of almost daily visits from Brother Sun, after a week of his shyly hiding behind clouds or having been scuttled to the other side of the universe by the wind.

There is the blessing of sunsets that arrive in subtle color variations each evening: silverly overcast on one night; slight pink on another night; rich purple on yet another; the palest of yellows on another; and a combination of the above on yet another.

There is the blessing of a still, cool evening perfectly suited to a bike ride.

There is the blessing of encountering no dogs on said bike ride.

There is the blessing of the good health needed to ride a bike up the hills that enfold our house.

Indeed, there is the blessing of health and good spirits for all in this place.

May the Spirit continue to delight, strengthen, and bless us all!

Deo Gratias!