This weekend we welcomed back several very good friends of St. Anthony’s.  Thursday evening, Fr. Dan Crosby, OFM Cap, arrived to lead our weekend retreat.   Fr. Dan tries to visit and graciously lead a retreat for us every year.  He was scheduled to be here in April to lead this retreat on Becoming the Beloved Disciple of John’s Gospel.  Unfortunately, COVID postponed those plans.  We are grateful Fr. Dan was able to reschedule and to be with us now, not for just one weekend but two, so we could accommodate all those who had signed up for the April retreat.

On Friday afternoon, the retreatants began arriving for the retreat.  This was our first sponsored retreat in nearly six months – since the end of February!  Some guests we had not seen for months; others we had not seen for many years.  All seemed as excited to be here as we were excited to welcome them back.   More than one commented how good it was to be able to come back, that they needed this weekend.  That does not mean our guests were unaware of the risk, but rather that they trusted we would do whatever we could to help keep them safe.  Masks, sanitizer, and physical distancing were all necessary parts of the weekend, but none of those impeded the spiritual food of the retreat from feeding their souls.

As much as we would hope otherwise, sometimes life has a few stones along the road.  COVID has been a rather large stone on the road this year.  We need to be aware of the stones so we can take precautions to avoid the stone tripping us up.  The road will lead us where it will lead us, and all we can do is prepare the best we are able to make the journey safely.

For good friends, spiritual nourishment and safe journeys, we say Deo Gratias!