You wake up in the morning and it feels the same as any other day.  You get ready to start your day with some quiet time with God.  Today you will be extra grateful for this time spent with God.

You have an appointment before work thinking it will be like all the previous ones.  But your body has other plans than a regular exam.  The radiologist calls in the middle of the day and asks if you can come in tomorrow for an ultrasound.  Your heart starts to beat faster, and your breathing quickens.  You know they have found something that should not be there.  You calmly as you can say yes and make the appointment.  When you hang up your mind continues to go to that place you thought you would never have to go.  What if it is cancer?  You finish your day knowing that physically you were there but mentally you were not.  When you sit at your prayer spot that evening you have so many questions and might even ask God, “Are you there?”  As you take a few deep breaths, as you always do, to help open yourself up to be with God you know that God has been with you all day and will continue to be with you.  You have some calming feelings as you lie down for some needed rest.

The next day you begin your day with prayer as any other day.  But today you thank God for being with you as you slept and ask him to continue to be with you as you go about your day.  The ultrasound found something as they had figured and so they want to do a biopsy.  As you lie on the table you take some deep breaths and say to God, “I cannot do this by myself, but I know with you by my side you will help me through this.”  You make the appointment and try to go about your day as best you can.  During the day you catch yourself taking deep breaths and making sure God is with you.

Today is a day like no other day before.  You have the biopsy done and the radiologist believes that the mass is not cancerous, but she needs to wait for the results.  This helps a little, but those results will not be ready until Monday or Tuesday, you must wait four or five days.  You continue to remember what the radiologist said and pray to God as you try so hard to make it through these days.

You wait all day Monday but no phone call.  Then on Tuesday you get the phone call and are told that it is not cancer.  She does not recommend surgery at this time and with the marker at the biopsy spot, they will be able to watch it each year for changes. You take a big deep breath and thank God for being with you and for giving you the results you were hoping for.

The results could be different for you.  They were for Jesus.  He died for us on the cross.  Knowing this was what his calling was and the trust he had in God helped him every step of the way.

As we celebrate the Paschal Triduum it is good to remember that Jesus needed God to be with him at his challenging time.  Even though he asked God to take this cup from him he knew he had to do this, and God would not let him go through it alone.  He believed and trusted God just as we can believe and trust God will be with us in our lives.

Remember that God is with us during our good moments and our bad moments.  God loves us so much that he sent his only Son to die for us so that we could live.

Live your life with God.

– Sr. Barb Knauf