Where Do Footsteps Lead?

– Helen Ackermann

Recently when attending morning Mass, I noticed footprints on the carpeting of the main aisle of the church building.  I later learned that they were left when people came to change some of the light bulbs in the church building.  No harm was done as the carpet needed cleaning anyway.  

The footprints sent my imagination in many directions.  I could imagine the footprints of Jesus as he traveled the countryside of Israel going from the area of Galilee to Jerusalem.  I could imagine my footprints as I followed after him.  After all, didn’t he call all of us to follow him?  

The footprints reminded me that as Jesus set out to travel to Jerusalem, he encountered many different challenges.  He was rejected by a Samaritan village because he was making his way to Jerusalem.  He simply moved on to another village after cautioning his disciples that they should not desire the village to be punished.  Others asked Jesus if they could follow him, but then offered many excuses.  One had to attend a family funeral and another had to say goodbye to his family.  Jesus wanted the following to be immediate.  

My imagination led me to believe that the footsteps I make in following Jesus have to be resolute and immediate.  I cannot make excuses.  I have to follow Jesus completely and without hesitation.  It is a difficult journey but one that enables me to bring about the Kingdom of God here on earth.  It is about passionate love in the way of Jesus Christ.   

– Helen Ackermann

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