During our safer-at-home stay, my neighbors are the only people I had visited with face-to-face.  We would see each other at our mail boxes, while walking our narrow road, or outside while tending to our yards.

While keeping safe distances, we discussed how we each were coping, what we were missing and not missing, and how glad we were that the others and their loved ones were well.  We then would remind each other that we were “there” for them.

Although we differ from one another in various external ways, we are the same in our common humanity and our care for one another.  We truly are “there” for each other, as has been proven many times over. 

These neighbors have taught me to look beyond appearances and stereotypes which could have kept me at a distance, afraid of those whom I see as “different”.  Next door to me lives a single dad who wears his hair in dreadlocks and is covered with tattoos (including a fire breathing dragon covering his neck).  Kitty-corner live a racially mixed couple, and directly across the street is a married lesbian couple.  I did not choose these neighbors, but each one has proven to be a gift. 

Gifts come in various wrappings.  I must honestly ask myself, would these different wrappings have blinded me to the uniqueness, to the presence of Christ in each?  I consider myself blessed to live near these reminders of the diversity of God’s creation.

 – Terri Sersch