Three strong, meaningful four-letter words.


Equally strong controlling four-letter words!

The month of December seems to contain each of these sets with intensity. We get drawn into the WANT – RUSH – FEAR by life events, society, the economy, pressures of what we think needs to happen. These three somehow cast a heavy message that often leads to anxiety, worry, frustration. Earlier darkness and more cold usher in a shift in mood, and may even threatened our behaviors and relationships. So what can we do, how can we attend to other possibilities?

Our season of Advent in December offers us three words to nurture and to live by. Our wishes are our desires, intentions, our expectations. Our waiting becomes an open-ended, active attitude of life. Our hope is in the faith to believe that something is begun, a seed has been planted, a conviction that something is happening where we are and we choose to be present to it.

Recently I heard from families that they are gathering lists for Santa, parents, children, grandchildren, etc., lists of what is wanted for Christmas. It is a way to prepare for happiness, joy and celebrating.

Perhaps we can also prepare our lists of wishes and desires for ourselves, our families, friends and neighbors. What does our “waiting” list include, for ourselves, our communities, our nation, our earth, our world?

Most of all, how intentional will we be to create of list of hopes, a list that longs to be fulfilled, that we will choose to pray for, support, encourage and cultivate.

In the midst of the reality of want, rush and fear, may we strengthen those meaningful realities of wish, wait and hope.