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Our Mission

The St. Anthony community welcomes all seeking healing, hope and transformation through deeper connection with God, Self, Others and Creation.

We gather to embrace and grow in Franciscan Values.

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Resident Franciscan Community

We are still accepting applications to join the Resident Franciscan Community at St. Anthony Spirituality Center. A few spots remain as we welcome 3 Secular Franciscans into our community in July 2014. 

To learn more, please visit the RFC page.


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Upcoming Events

Our calendar is full of retreats designed to help you grow closer to God, creation and who you were meant to be. Peruse our listings to find the perfect retreat to soothe your soul. 


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Sr. Dorothy finds heaven at the Center

My Assisi Experience

Assisi Room

Francis lived in the 13th century but his spirituality is as relevant today as it was in the 1200s — simplicity, peace, loving concern for our neighbor, care for nature, love of God.

Our building is filled with Franciscanism, thanks to the Capuchins. The dining room tables, the chapel furniture, the stations of the cross in the cloister area, the cloister walk, the door handles, the stone wall, the carvings on the north wall and in the dining room … all hand-made in Franciscan simplicity.

I like to visit the St. Francis grotto in our front yard where I can sit quietly among the beautiful flowers and serene woods. These moments answer questions and bring me closer to God.Read More

Cheryl breaks apart the fallacy of exclusion

Fallacy of Us Versus Them

god heart sun

Recently in my Facebook feed, some friends have been expressing outrage over an internet posting somewhere at some time that showed up about a young gay man who was excommunicated from his protestant church. It was a personal letter from the pastor on behalf of their church council who voted. It explained that it meant that he would not be spending eternity in heaven with them, and they hoped that this would be a wake-up call for him to repent and convert. It was not a nice letter.

Some of my friends were tossing Christianity as a whole under the bus because of this attitude, and I was quick to defend and condemn, all in the same paragraph. “They don’t actually represent Christianity, regardless of what they say. So Christianity remains pure, holy and full of grace, while these people will have a lot to answer to when God asks them why they were so cruel and abusive to His children. Read More

Where is St. Anthony's?

What People Are Saying About St. Anthony's next prev

  • Thank you again for the amazing weekend! The retreat was wonderful and the sacredness of these grounds is priceless. You feel the love the minute you drive in. May God Bless you all for your ministry – Abundantly!!!

  • It was my first time at a retreat-life long Catholic 63 years old ­– about time! I was sort of concerned about the silence factor and my, what a peaceful-prayerful-wonderful experience it has been. Thank you for the silence.

  • My third retreat at the St. Anthony Spirituality Center was like coming home – welcoming, safe, and prayerful. I felt cared for and could experience God’s love on many levels.

  • St. Anthony’s is a very warm, welcoming and safe haven. I love to leave the noisy world we live in and come into a world of silence. We need this time to get our focus back and become rooted again in our faith, our journey.

  • The conference was very well presented. The speakers gave me much to think about. I very much enjoyed walking on the grounds of St. Anthony's. What a beautiful place! I felt so close to God and his creation.

  • I always feel truly welcome at St. Anthony's. You all are so hospitable. The beautiful surroundings in and outside makes prayer easy. I'm going home refreshed and renewed.

  • From the minute I entered, I was welcomed and treated like I belonged here. Like I had come home. What a wonderful experience!

Views around the Center

Some of our beautiful guest rooms