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Our calendar is full of retreats designed to help you grow closer to God, creation and who you were meant to be. Peruse our listings to find the perfect retreat or event to soothe your soul or inspire your life. 


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Ministry Associates support us through prayers, financial donations or volunteering. The Ministry Associates portal at sarcenter.com helps those who want to stay more closely connected to the operation of the Center keep up-to-date with the exciting plans and behind-the-scenes action. Want to know more about becoming a Ministry Associate? This is the place the start.

Friends of St. Anthony's offer reflections

Signs of Fall

There are many signs of fall.  One that I notice is the arrival of Italian plums in the grocery store.  They are available for only a few weeks and when I see them I am sure to buy them.  It is the time of year to make Svestkove Knedliky or plum dumplings, a Bohemian dish that I so enjoyed in my childhood.  As I got out my cook book from Holy Trinity Parish of Haugen, Wisconsin to find the recipe I saw the names of many people from my past. The experience got me to thinking.

With the many recipes available on the internet, the use of cookbooks is hardly worth the while.  After all, those cook books often provided from various churches simply take up space in the kitchen.  It seems much easier to look for recipes on the internet and yet are we missing something?  Have you ever thought that our parish cookbook can act as a source for remembering those who have walked with us in faith?  As we approach the celebration of All Saints Day and All Souls Day, we pause to remember both living and dead.Read More

A Garden Reflection

As summer comes to a close, Macrina Wiederkehr gives a Garden Reflection in the book  Circle of Life.

“The scents and sounds of a garden show miracles everywhere. A single, simple seed pressed into the soil turns into a hearty vegetable. The blossoms on trees or plants have turned into delicious fruits. Ferns unfurl in silence to become luscious green foliage.

“A garden has the potential to nurture life. One can gain inner strength from observing the resilience of growth in nature.

“Without sun, rain, and insects, the work of one’s hands would be fruitless. Each part of life needs the other to grow.

“Quiet communion with a garden revives peace and tranquility that slip away too easily.Read More

Where is St. Anthony's?

What People Are Saying About St. Anthony's next prev

  • Thank you again for the amazing weekend! The retreat was wonderful and the sacredness of these grounds is priceless. You feel the love the minute you drive in. May God Bless you all for your ministry – Abundantly!!!

  • It was my first time at a retreat-life long Catholic 63 years old ­– about time! I was sort of concerned about the silence factor and my, what a peaceful-prayerful-wonderful experience it has been. Thank you for the silence.

  • My third retreat at the St. Anthony Spirituality Center was like coming home – welcoming, safe, and prayerful. I felt cared for and could experience God’s love on many levels.

  • St. Anthony’s is a very warm, welcoming and safe haven. I love to leave the noisy world we live in and come into a world of silence. We need this time to get our focus back and become rooted again in our faith, our journey.

  • The conference was very well presented. The speakers gave me much to think about. I very much enjoyed walking on the grounds of St. Anthony's. What a beautiful place! I felt so close to God and his creation.

  • I always feel truly welcome at St. Anthony's. You all are so hospitable. The beautiful surroundings in and outside makes prayer easy. I'm going home refreshed and renewed.

  • From the minute I entered, I was welcomed and treated like I belonged here. Like I had come home. What a wonderful experience!

Views around the Center

Some of our beautiful guest rooms