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Friends of St. Anthony's offer reflections

Dead End Roads

On a beautiful September Saturday morning, my family and I found ourselves on a spontaneous country drive. I have always been a fan of a dead end road, and when I saw one on our drive that day I chose to go down it. The road was about a mile long and I had to turn around in someone’s driveway to head back onto the main road. But in that time of slowing down and leaving the main road, we had a chance to think about who are and dream differently for our lives.

We began by thinking how our lives would be if we lived on this dead end. Which house we would choose. How we would be. And from that we began to dream about our lives in a big way. At first we talked about how we would design our house. What we would have in it and with it. How it would all look. But that also gave way to talking more about who we would be. Ideas came forth like learning to play the guitar, growing our own garden, doing some farming, just being together, more writing, caring for a menagerie of animals, or taking walks by moonlight rather than the streetlight. In dreaming all this out loud, we realized more of who we are. Just listening to my young son I learned more about his heart’s desires.

What is it about dead ends that makes us think? I believe it is because they are not just an ending but also a beginning. “A dead end street is a good place to turn around,” says Naomi Judd. I think this is true as well for dead end jobs or relationships. Read More

The Potter’s House

Like the prophet Jeremiah, I went off to the potter’s house to watch and learn and reflect on the process of pottery making. Actually, I attended a workshop that focused on the image in Jeremiah 18:1-6 where God says, “. . . like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand.”

I had no idea what to expect in the making and crafting of a piece of pottery. However, the similarities between that and the spiritual journey astounded me.

The potter must use just the right kind of clay, free of impurities and air pockets, and it must be soft and pliable. I watched as the potter kneaded the clay and then literally smacked it onto the wheel, kind of like we get smacked in life sometimes.

In order for a pot or bowl or cup to be created, it is essential for the clay to be centered on the wheel. If not centered, the vessel will crack and be useless. How true for our own lives that without being centered and grounded in God we are nothing. Read More


Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Matthew 5:9

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. St. Francis of Assisi

Without being peace, we cannot do anything for peace.
If we are not peaceful, then we cannot contribute to the peace movement. Thich Nhat Hanh ¹

Violence, hatred, anger, suffering! Every day we are bombarded by the news and social media with very blunt evidence of humankind’s inhumanity towards each other and towards the planet we occupy. We see the suffering of our brothers and sisters, human and non-human, and of our families and ourselves. We wish so much that all suffering and violence could end! Where is peace? Why can’t we just HAVE PEACE?!

What is peace? Is it just ‘thou shall not kill; thou shall not steal?’ Most of us feel pretty smug and self-righteous about our own peacefulness, as we would NEVER do those things! However, there is so much more to peace than just following these specific moral laws.Read More

Harvesting Blessings

It is so very common these days to hear people talk about the abundance, the over-abundance of gardens and fields! What will we do with all these tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, squash, corn, etc? For some, this situation turns into ways to preserve for the winter, for other, a chance to offer the abundance to neighbors, friends, food pantries. Hopefully an awareness of great gratitude.

Is this harvest season an invitation to reflect on the abundance of blessings in our lives? Recall the many situations in our life story that are now seen as the abundance of God’s Blessings.

What about issues that seem far from “blessings,” often called blessings in disguise? This past week I heard two persons express “blessing” from their circumstances. One was that the first plans, the second plans and the third plans all fell apart! The response after honestly expressing frustration was to see that perhaps those plans would have meant harm, disaster or failure. So needing to change the plans was actually blessing! Read More

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  • Thank you again for the amazing weekend! The retreat was wonderful and the sacredness of these grounds is priceless. You feel the love the minute you drive in. May God Bless you all for your ministry – Abundantly!!!

  • It was my first time at a retreat-life long Catholic 63 years old ­– about time! I was sort of concerned about the silence factor and my, what a peaceful-prayerful-wonderful experience it has been. Thank you for the silence.

  • My third retreat at the St. Anthony Spirituality Center was like coming home – welcoming, safe, and prayerful. I felt cared for and could experience God’s love on many levels.

  • St. Anthony’s is a very warm, welcoming and safe haven. I love to leave the noisy world we live in and come into a world of silence. We need this time to get our focus back and become rooted again in our faith, our journey.

  • The conference was very well presented. The speakers gave me much to think about. I very much enjoyed walking on the grounds of St. Anthony's. What a beautiful place! I felt so close to God and his creation.

  • I always feel truly welcome at St. Anthony's. You all are so hospitable. The beautiful surroundings in and outside makes prayer easy. I'm going home refreshed and renewed.

  • From the minute I entered, I was welcomed and treated like I belonged here. Like I had come home. What a wonderful experience!

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