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Tranquil setting. Great programs and exceptional people taking care of humanity.

– Cindy w.

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St. Anthony Spirituality Center Needs YOUR help!

Dear Friends of St. Anthony’s,

Somewhere between the late evening hours of August 18th and early morning of August 19th, 2023, the peace and serenity that we call St. Anthony Spirituality Center was shattered by a thoughtless and hurtful act of theft. Just Bob’s beloved New Holland skid steer, Holly along with several other pieces of equipment were stolen from our garage. We posted our loss on Facebook, praying that someone in the area saw something and would report it to the authorities. Thank you to our friends for sharing this post, because someone did see something and reported it and guess what? EVERYTHING was recovered in one piece – everything that is except for Holly. In the process of the theft and the use thereafter, our skid steer was so severely damaged that she needed to be scrapped for parts.

While we are grateful to recover our equipment, losing Holly truly stings! There is never a good time for such a loss, but this hit St. Anthony’s particularly hard as we continue to work through the financial impact of the pandemic. It would be an extreme hardship to be without such a vital piece of equipment for long. St. Anthony’s grounds are extensive and maintaining them monumentally more difficult, not to mention our long driveway and large parking areas that need to be kept clear of snow in the winter months. Just Bob would not able be to do his job without a replacement of some kind.

How did we replace Holly? After much research and consideration, it was decided that a small tractor would be more versatile than another skid steer. Not only will it plow snow, but it is much more maneuverable, allowing Just Bob to take care of many large tasks all around our property. And so we have moved forward with this purchase, unfortunately, making payments on a loan instead of buying outright.

Please open your hearts to the possibility of a donation to help us recover from this tremendous loss.

If you are willing to help with this expense, you can make a donation several ways. If you click the “Donate” button above, once you enter an amount, a “Comment” field will open where you can write a note like “for tractor” or “replace Holly” so we know that is your intent for the gift. You can also mail us a check to St. Anthony Spirituality Center, 300 E. 4th St., Marathon, WI 54448. Please make a notation in the memo line that your gift supports this purchase. Or you can call our office at 715-443-2236 to charge a donation to your credit card. If you are in the neighborhood or here on retreat, you can bring your donation with you.

Thank you for helping us maintain St. Anthony Spirituality Center as a place of peace for the community.

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