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St. Anthony’s is a special place of spirituality, peace and hospitality, welcoming all seeking healing, hope and transformation through deeper connection with God, Self, Others & Creation.

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Wondering and Pondering

Trinity --- Mystery --- that seemingly unexplainable happening in life and beyond.   I have childhood memories of my parents, parish priests, and summer classes with the School Sisters of Notre Dame trying to help me understand what/who God was all about. While the...

The “Right” (Left?) Perspective

My aunt bought me a set of left-handed pencils for Christmas. I’ve always appreciated her thoughtfulness in buying products designed specifically for lefties. This time, my gratitude was coupled with amusement at the thought of a pencil being “left-handed.” I mean,...


For some strange reason, I’ve been thinking about drawers. I think it is safe to say that every household has a drawer(s) into which they shove things that probably have no more rhyme or reason of being together than convenience – i.e., we say to ourselves, “Well, I...

Sacred Awe

Have you ever been blessed with sacred awe? This is my term for something that you were not expecting to experience or you did not plan to see. But it happened and you thank God because you feel so blessed to have experienced this moment. I recently had a sacred awe....

Do You Need Pruning in Your Life?

The Easter Season gives us an opportunity to focus more deeply on our relationship with Jesus Christ. Through the gospels we hear about Jesus in a number of ways. In one gospel we learn of Jesus appearing to the disciples showing them the wounds in his hands and feet....

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