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St. Anthony’s is a special place of spirituality, peace and hospitality, welcoming all seeking healing, hope and transformation through deeper connection with God, Self, Others & Creation.

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What an interesting time of year. New Year’s and the Christmas season have come and gone. St. Valentine’s Day is weeks away. The gray winter trudges on. But we know spring is on its way. Really! We know that the seasons continue to change; it is familiar and expected....

Longing to Belong

The feeling or sense of belonging has changed and taken on a deeper meaning in my life today, compared to my younger days. For most of my life I had seen things mostly in negative terms. Everything was serious, heavy, awful. I did not allow myself to get too close to...

It’s Okay

It’s okay to make mistakes.It’s okay to be wrong.It’s okay to ageand it’s okay to get old. It’s okay to have wrinkles and thinning hair,dark circles under your eyes and sagging skin.It’s okay to have a heart that beats irregular sometimes,bones that creak and muscles...

Christmas Snow

The afternoon sun faded early across the little park outside my home. At the far end, shadows falling from bare trees deepened. The cold grew as the sun departed, making the lines of the trees seem even more harsh. Barren dark trees stood out against white banks of...

Why Might It Be Difficult to Keep New Year’s Resolutions?

It is a tradition that with the end of the year, we make resolutions. It is common not to keep these resolutions. We might be serious at first but soon our commitment wanes and we go back to our old ways. Why might that be? It seems that completing another calendar...

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