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St. Anthony’s is a special place of spirituality, peace and hospitality, welcoming all seeking healing, hope and transformation through deeper connection with God, Self, Others & Creation.

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The Breath of Jesus

Lately when I reflect on the Holy Spirit and Pentecost, I tend to draw my personal inspiration for Pentecost found in John’s Gospel, Chapter 20. The Risen Jesus appears to His disciples and after blessing them with peace, He BREATHES upon them. Peace be with you…then...

In Wonder

Turtle-like, I retract into the depths of my fuzzy pullover while balancing my translucent bubble umbrella atop my head to create a slightly steamy dome of warmth against the grey and the damp. Twenty-two years I’ve waited for this. Every other viewing attempt over...

Do What Jesus Asks Us to Do

Have you had something remind you of a song from the past? How about a song from your youth that is not sung in church today? This happened to me the other day as I was sitting still. The thought of these two songs that I love to sing came to mind, “They’ll Know We...

The Raft is Not the Shore

In the midst of a journey, a traveler comes upon a deep river. To cross it, he constructs a raft from branches, twigs and vines. If the vessel is river-worthy, he successfully reaches the other shore. A teacher presenting this story to his students then asks: “Should...

Reframing Eastertide

Over the course of this past Lent, I found I was using the word "reframe" often. In the midst of helping someone through a struggle I wondered where this word, "reframe" came from. I'm still not sure, but I did know I was sorting through various aspects of the...

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