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St. Anthony Spirituality Center is housed in a 100-year-old monastery that began its life as a seminary for young men studying to become priests in the Capuchin Franciscan religious order, a vowed community of men within the Roman Catholic tradition.  When the seminary relocated in 1970, St. Anthony’s became a retreat house for all who sought a deeper connection with their spirituality.  St. Anthony’s also served until 2013 as a friary – a home – for the Capuchin friars who staffed the retreat house. In 2014, the Capuchin friars transferred ownership and leadership of St. Anthony’s to a group of lay persons in the area known as St. Anthony’s of Marathon, Inc. 

Today, St. Anthony Spirituality Center continues to welcome “all seeking healing, hope, and transformation through deeper connection with God, Self, Others, and Creation.  We strive to embrace and grow through our Franciscan Roots and Values of simplicity, compassion, joyful service, and relationships in which all are welcome to seek spiritual deepening.” 

We likewise welcome resident volunteers who would like to join us for a time in our ministry, offering hospitality to our guests and helping to care for the needs of our shared home, while enjoying the benefits of community life and deepening their own spiritual practices, just as our Capuchin predecessors did.  We are open to both long and short-term residency.

Resident volunteers receive room and board in exchange for their volunteer service at St. Anthony’s.  Each resident has a private bedroom with shared bath, kitchen, recreation, and laundry facilities. Duties are assigned based on the needs of the Center; however we match those needs as best as we can to the gifts that each individual brings with them.

Individuals who are interested in joining the St. Anthony Community as resident volunteers are invited to reach out for more information by contacting Jackie Kellner, Center Director at 715-443-2236, Ext. 116. 

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