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YES! People of any – or no – faith tradition are welcome to continue or begin their search for spiritual growth, self-knowledge, and inner peace at St. Anthony’s. In the Franciscan tradition of reverence for all, we strive to provide an environment of hospitality to ALL who come seeking to deepen their spirituality and awaken everyday encounters with the Divine.

Yes! Our facilities offer an ideal setting for staff retreats, days of reflection, and time away. Retreats vary in length: a few hours, a day, an overnight, or longer. Various sized meeting rooms accommodate groups of 2 to 65. St. Anthony’s has 80 bedrooms, twelve of which have a private bathroom.

A small number of bedrooms are suitable for those with limited mobility. Our kitchen is able to accommodate most dietary restrictions. Special needs must be indicated at the time of registration so that we can plan for your needs.

Click here for more information. Please contact Sr. Barb Knauf, our Hosting Coordinator, at 715-443-2236, ext. 114, or by email at for specific rates and information.

Category: Retreat FAQ

The offering for most weekend programs is $225 per person. This includes all meals, a private room with a shared bathroom in the hallway, linens and towels. A limited number of rooms with a private bath is available on a first-come-first-served basis for an additional $24/night. Some programs may include an additional fee for retreat materials such as a book that you keep at the end of the retreat. Gift certificates can be used and scholarships are available. The cost of a private retreat varies, depending upon the length of your retreat and the number of meals you take at St. Anthony’s. See the “Private Retreats” page of our website for a price list and more information about making a private retreat.

Yes. In fact, this type of retreat is very popular at St. Anthony’s. The option is available to come for a private retreat for personal self-directed solitude and prayer time, or for a directed retreat where a spiritual guide or companion travels through your days of retreat with you. Please check with the office regarding available dates. You can come for a few hours or up to several days.

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Remember to bring layers of clothing, so that you’re prepared for both cool and warm temperatures! In wintertime, the delightful 100-year-old hot water radiant heating system responds to temperature changes throughout our 150,000-square-foot home a little more slowly than modern forced-air systems in a standard-sized home. In summertime, our early 20th-century air conditioning, aka the strategic opening and closing of perfectly aligned windows, does a nice job of keeping the house cool, but the rooms will be warmer than rooms in a home with a modern AC system. In spring and autumn, we are blessed with both cool and warm temps – often in the course of a single day. Plan to experience the cyclical cooling and warming of Mother Earth a little more intimately than you do in a modern climate-controlled home, hotel, or conference center!

In addition to layers of comfortable, casual clothing, plan to bring the following: a quilt or comforter (blankets are not provided); an alarm clock; your toothbrush and other toiletries; flip flops or shower shoes; and any books, journals, or other materials that help you quiet your heart, mind, and soul. Please note that you will have access to a fully stocked art room while you are on retreat! Please also note that we provide soap, clothes hangers, bed and bath linens, and a fan. A limited number of alarm clocks, hair dryers, and space heaters are available. Toiletry items, including toothbrushes and toothpaste, are available for a nominal charge.

Last, but not least: remember that your time of retreat is a time of simplicity: a time to disconnect and hit the pause button. We encourage you to leave your cell phone, laptop, and other electronic devices at home or powered off and stored in your car for the duration of your stay. A guest telephone and computer are available for your use in an emergency.

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A typical retreat weekend begins with a 6:00 p.m. supper on Friday evening. Throughout the weekend a number of conferences are given, typically between three and five. Prayer experiences are led by staff members and/or presenters  and liturgy, or time to attend a liturgy outside of St. Anthony’s is provided. Ample time is allotted for personal prayer, reflection, and rest. The programs usually conclude with the noon meal on Sunday morning.

Category: Retreat FAQ

A silent retreat is one in which we request those attending to maintain silence from after the Friday evening meal until the closing liturgy. An atmosphere of silence promotes an environment of deep listening. Such deep listening is useful for rest of body and soul, and attentiveness to the presence and action of God. Please note not all of our retreats are silent, but those that are will be labeled as such.

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