Transformation is just a fancier way of saying change. Every living thing changes, transforms, constantly. Some changes are so minute they are imperceptible in the moment and only noticeable over time. Other changes are more drastic and immediately draw our attention.

Anyone who have been through our front doors in the past few weeks has noticed a transformation taking place. First, the room across from the main office was emptied of all its furniture. Most went into the Front Lounge, and other pieces were scattered throughout the Center. The retreat resources that were in that space were also relocated to the Front Lounge. Then JustBob got the carpet cleaner out and gave the carpet a good shampooing, preparing it for the next step.

Meanwhile, changes were happening at the opposite end of the building, too. The Bookstore merchandise was packed into boxes, shelves were cleaned, and furniture was labeled for its new home. Gradually, as rainy days impacted JustBob’s ability to work outside, some shelves were moved to their new home. One shelf at a time, as space allowed, and the former office turned Resource Room began to be transformed.

Soon, the merchandise will begin to fill the shelves. Everything will be inventoried, tagged and then organized on the shelves and walls. Our goal is to have enough merchandise in place to reopen the Bookstore in its new home in time for Volunteer Week. That’s only two weeks away, so it will take many hands to move this transformation toward that goal. Any final details needed to complete the transformation will happen in the month of August so everything is available and ready to go when our busy fall season begins in September.

Once the Bookstore has moved, the space in the North Hall that used to house the Bookstore will undergo its own transformation. What was once an auditorium will become a meeting space, and what was once a stage turned Bookstore office will become a mediation space with a view of the cemetery, our back yard and, with any luck, an opportunity to observe some of the wildlife that visit us regularly.

Most transformations in life are hard work, whether it is moving, or changing roles, or accepting loss. Sometimes transformations take a lot of teamwork. Our hope is that our transformations will serve us well as we move forward, with the Bookstore being more available to visitors throughout the week, and the larger space in the North Hall giving us more options for holding retreats, programs, workshops or hosted groups.

For the grace to embrace all the transformations we experience in life, and for the blessings that come from them, we say Deo Gratias!